I am sitting across from a friend right now.  We are at a local organic coffee shop.  She is studying.  I am writing this.  Occasionally we talk.  We watched a clip from a show we think is funny.  We ate some food together as well.  I have this other friend who goes on hikes and bike rides with me.  Another one used to sign up to be in classes with me in college.  I have played pool and card games with people and with others sang at the top of our lungs to a one-hit-wonder on the radio.  Frequently, I open my arms wide and hug every single one of these amazing people.  What can I say? I am an affectionate guy.

Think for a few minutes about someone you love to think about.  Make it someone you know – a person you care for deeply.  How did you get to know one another?  Did you sit and talk?  Surely you did but, what else?  What about walks you went on?  Or trips you took?  How often have you laughed together?  Think about all of the people close to you.  Do you play sports with some?  Go shopping with others?  The activities you do with the friends you have are most likely as diverse as the personalities among them.

I have a friend who lives in Spain.  We are only really able to communicate by writing letters.  That’s right, I have a pen pal.  Call me old fashioned.  We write back and forth and our relationship grows.  The ocean that separates us is a challenge to our connection.  Put simply, there is a sea of space to bridge between us.  However, when she can she will make me a card or decorate the stationary she writes on.  I will send her a picture or a book recommendation and put it in a homemade envelope.  She will include a tiny gift for a special occasion.  And, on my wedding day, she called me on the phone.

I am a firm believer in prayer.  By prayer, I mean, talking to a power greater than yourself whose essence is spiritual.  Some people call this power God.  Others speak to the universe or another creator of their understanding.  I heard someone say once that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.  Talking and listening are priceless skills.  I am fully aware that my relationships require both.  But, I also know that the bonds I value the most are the ones that rely on much more.

That brings me to my point:  Have you ever danced for God?  When was the last time you walked and climbed to commune with creation and perhaps your creator?  If you paint, have you done so to connect with the power that guides your life?  Do you use your mind, your hands, or your body to connect with your God?  In short, are you strengthening your bond with the force that guides you in ways that boldly surpass a chat?  Even if you believe your God is oceans away, is it possible you could add some creativity in the way you reach out to him or her?  Because, your most spiritual relationship could be one of your most dynamic.