A Brass Bowl 

“Worn to brightness,

This bowl opens outward to the world,

Like the marriage of a pair we sometimes know.

Filled full, it holds not greedily. 

Empty, it fills with light

That is heaven’s and it’s own. 

It holds forever for a while.” 

~ Wendell Berry

My sophomore year high school English teacher taught me about Object Poetry.  Ms. Ward, I owe you a debt of gratitude for exposing me to this particular written form of art.  The term Object Poem comes from the German word Dinggedicht, which translates: “poem of things” or, “thing poem”.  The basic idea is to draw the reader into a more intimate relationship with the inanimate object.  This object is not only the subject of the poem but often takes on the role of a character, a metaphor, even a life teacher. Continue reading “Worn To Brightness”