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May 2014

“I Am Heterosexist!”

I have an acquaintance, a brilliant painter, who went to a diversity training some time ago in Arizona. She found it to be a bizarre experience, so she was telling me a story about it over coffee. The seminar presenters sat everyone in a circle and went from person to person insisting that each individual affirm loudly: “I am racist!” Suddenly, she felt trapped. She was laughing as she relayed the story, recalling her discomfort and desire to run out of the room. What was it that made her the most ill at ease? Was it the phrase itself? Or, perhaps feeling pressured, forced even, to say it? Maybe, she just isn’t much of a yeller? Continue reading ““I Am Heterosexist!””


Everywhere and without hesitation there is gratitude and celebration in San Miguel de Allende this Easter. Bursting inside of Mexico is a boisterous blend of sounds and sights trapped between the poverty of a place once unnoticed and the unmistakable thumbprint of the next boomtown. Women and children wear purple for mourning and walk almost dancing past dogs content napping and guarding the horses standing patiently nearby. That patience resonates from man and beast alike, born of a people’s faith that is centuries old – assured of its place and purpose. Here it is beautiful to be still, feel the sun, smell the chamomile, and sense the power of family and salvation. Continue reading “Yellow”

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