“Have you ever had to make a tough decision? How did you do it? With the deluge of information we find ourselves in day to day and seemingly infinite opportunities and choices to be made, how do you evaluate all the data the world now offers? Incessantly bombarded with an endless stream of schemas, strategies, and solutions around the clock, we literally have within our finger tips anything we want. It’s no longer a question of finding the answers; it’s a question of choosing the answers that best serve us.”            (JohnPress, 2014)

The quote above begins a brief list-style article entitled The Value of Values written by Timothy JohnPress. I am grateful to have read it as part of the curriculum for Leadership Austin Emerge 2014. Being a psychotherapist, my work life as well as my personal life is interwoven with the beautiful threads of values. So, I enjoy being a part of a larger discussion on the topic. JohnPress goes on to list the Top Ten Values of Values. I read through the whole list and overall found myself nodding in agreement with the points he makes. I still can’t really disagree with anything he writes in the article. Continue reading “Wide Open Like A Lake”